Tea Buddy

"A Tea Cup that Carries Emotion."

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Brewing Voice Customize/Sharing | Smart Alarm

Multi-Language | Multi-Accent | Multiple Brewing Music Choices

Smart Suggestion | Scaning Tea Info from Cloud

Smart Brewing

Find the best taste of each cup | Same tea with better feeling.

Dynamic Brewing Experience

Music & Voice

Many kinds of music is provided for brewing process, natural, classic, pop, etc. Every brewing step is binded with specific voice. Voice can be shared to social networks after creating and editing.

Dynamic LED Light

During brewing,LED light at the bottom of cup changes colors. After brewing ,LED light show the exact color representing the specific temperature. One temperature refers to one color, there are 99 colors in total.

Water Resistance

The cup can be washed with water entirely. With IP67 water proof, soak in water in a short will not damage the product.

Voice Reminder

Every brewing step is binded with specific voice. Users can also customize their own voice.

Battery Power

The product can standby for 45 days, and can be used for 7-10 days ( with the frequency of 5-8 cups per day).

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