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TeaBuddy is a mobile phone app for managing the using of Tea Buddy products. The app communicates with Tea Buddy products with bluetooth and analyze each users` tea drinking patterns.

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Alpha Tea - The A.I. Knows You Well

TeaBuddy App can make suggestions for different kinds of health status and provides brewing recipe for such tea. Tea Buddy reminds users to drink tea on the best timing with its special algorithm, in order to increase the taste and health effects of each cup of tea.

Massive Amount of Tea Recipes

Over 200 Kinds

Our database is a tea encyclopedia, holding the information of more than 200 teas of many kinds: KongFu tea, herbal tea, fruit tea, western tea and etc. Each tea is described in details on types, brewing temperature, origin, shape, health effects, taste, prohibitions, dropping amount and etc. Users can obtain information of teas, experience better tea drinking and learn the way of healthy drinking.

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